multileather chevron new medium boy vs. medium filigree

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  1. Advice please--- I have some vintage chanel and over the last few years have moved to Hermes mostly, but now have been craving something Chanel again. I've looked at the Boy bag since it came out and just wasn't convinced. BTW, I'm 59 years old, and my style is classic but with a modern twist. Quality is very important to me. I also live in a mid-western city where low-key is better (one reason I don't wear my birkins here) and have to be mindful of how my image comes across to professional business people who aren't very fashion conscious. Right now my favorite and most used bag is a black Dior mini-Bar.

    So... I found the tri-leather chevron black Boy bag with the matte gold hardware and instantly was taken. It's beautiful. However, I'm too tall to wear it cross body and I'm not sure how often I'd wear it. As much as I admire this bag, not sure it is "me."
    Still have it but could return.

    Consequently, I bought a classic quilted lambskin boy bag with gold hardware sight unseen and returned because it was defective and also didn't "wow" me like the tri-leather. Not sure I'd try another.

    Next I had read about the new filigree and love cross body bags--- was able to obtain a black flap one, also sight unseen. It arrived today. The function and style look great and really suit me---classic and understated---BUT the caviar leather on it doesn't thrill me at all---it's NOTHING like that of the old days.

    I need to return one or both---thoughts? I know they are completely different bags. But any advice would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you!

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  2. Keep the boy if you are not using it as an everyday bag. It is gorgeous!
  3. I like the Tri-leather boy, but not love. So i pass. It's nice and well made with combination of all three leather. I just afraid it will be out of style shortly like other rare leather bag.
  4. Personally, I prefer the boy. But for your needs and situation, I think the filigree might be better suited. But if neither of them thrill you, then maybe return both and wait for something else? Good luck deciding.
  5. If it's not love return them both!
  6. Agreed!
  7. Thanks everyone for your feedback! Appreciate the thoughts. I wanted a new Chanel bag so badly that it hurts to think that both of these might not be the right one. As if there needed to be only "one." LOL
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  8. There are some nice bags coming out now that may be more exciting-check the boutique finds!

    I liked the Filagree and that is was lined in leather. I wonder if you'd like the upcoming coco handle, or the Boy with handle that is out now?
  9. I like both of your bags but since you have doubts RETURN both! No use keeping something you don't love..

    How about the new Vanity Case bag? Looks vintage yet very modern.. and has a long strap (especially the bigger of the two sizes) and can be worn crossbody..



    I believe it comes in beige and black and silver. (and even a beige one with black trim)..
  10. Here's another photo borrowed from the net:


    Just a suggestion!
  11. Thank you gail13and ManilaMama! Appreciate your suggestions! :heart:
  12. I think keeping a Chanel bag that you're not in love with is a bad idea....I always tell myself if you can live without it then you should and that keeps me from regretting purchases and that way the bags in my collection stay in my collection for a long time. I noticed you said you're from the mid west so maybe could you make it into Chicago and go into the Chanel boutique or Neiman Marcus and personally try the newer bags on and see what speaks to you? Best of luck and I can't wait to see your reveal when find the one :smile:

  13. Hi! So I have the TriLeather Chanel Boy and it's gorgeous! It'll grow on you more and more. I fell in love with it when I saw it but has similar concerns...about usability and if it truly truly 'spoke to me'....also I'm not one to blindly follow trends. I think after trendy, the next stage is tacky....but this bag, is a winner. The black and gold combination is stunning without being in your attaching an image of me wearing it....I was dressed super cas and let the bag be the statement piece! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463716928.702396.jpg

    Good luck deciding!
  14. And I forgot to add, the filigree really doesn't wow me. Seems like Chanel took some inspiration from Tory there.
  15. You look so so beautiful! :smile:

    Love your dress (what brand is it, if I may ask?). I feel like it's my type (covers arms and tummy but shows off legs haha).. and would love to have it too if at all possible..