Multifunction Wallet

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  1. So, I have been looking for a wallet after using a wristlet as a wallet for the past two years and finally decided on a multifunction wallet. I love it but (there is always a but, huh?!) its a pain to keep change in. The little zipper pocket is just impossible. I really didnt want to have to carry a separate coin purse but guess thats my only option. Does anyone else use the multifunction wallet?? If you do, what do you do with your cash? :confused1: This almost seems like a card case.
  2. Hi. I don't have one yet but I have been looking into getting one - to have something bigger than a mini-skinny but not actually a "wallet". don't like using it? What is it about the zipper pocket that makes it a pain to get into? Is it because it is INSIDE and not on the outside?
  3. No, I love using it!! It is a nice alternative to the skini, its just a little bigger but not as big as a lot of wallets. The pain of getting into the zipper part is thats where I would keep my coins but it is a very small area and wont hold a lot of coins and if you do keep coins in there they are a little difficult to get out. That is the only issue I have with it. I am still using my skini to keep cash in.
  4. Interesting...that's definitely something to consider. I DO carry change! Hmmm...maybe I should stick with the skinny & a coin purse! :smile: Thanks for the info.
  5. I have the Multifunction Clutch wallet which is my absolute favorite style wallet. I don't keep change in any of my wallets though I use an LV Cles or a Mini-Skinny depending on which bag I am using.

    This is a multifunction wallet:


    And this is the Multi-function clutch. I like it because it has a slot for bills and credit cards. I got mine at the outlet, but this one is coming out soon. It's actually not that much bigger, and the zipper coin part actually opens up wide because of a gusset on the side. I will take pics of mine later today (I should be getting ready to go out, LOL) to show you. They actually call it a "Compact Clutch." If you do a search for red on the Coach site, this one comes up:

  6. Thats really nice Krispin. Where do the bills go? It looks just like the multifunction only with credit card slots. Maybe I should look into getting one of these :yes:
  7. Me, too!!!:tup: Are they the same SIZE as a Multi-Function Wallet, just with CC slots??