Multicolour SLG's?

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  1. Hi Everyone!

    So I recently found out that they're discontinuing the multicolour line. I've loved this line for so long (particularly the White Multicolour) but I still haven't purchased anything so now I think I need too before it's too late.

    Could anyone please suggest what piece I should get? I was considering the Zippy Coin Purse as I only have big wallets from Louis Vuitton! In my current collection I have; The Sarah Wallet, Zippy Compact Wallet, A Key Pouch and a Pochette NM and this is all in Monogram! My favourite line obviously :smile:

    Any pictures would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. You might be better off phoning LV and finding out what is still left as it's started disappearing from the UK website! You might find your choice narrowed down for you. The Sarah wallet was available earlier this week but is now showing sold out for example.

  3. I know! I was going to get the White Multicolour Cosmetic Bag and that's disappeared as well :sad:
  4. I have the cles, and love it to pieces! Fits all my credit cards/gift cards and is easy to just throw in a purse and go.
  5. Are they cancelling the entire line or just SLGs? Can anyone point me to a thread where this was discussed, so hard to search on here because it is such an active forum and search terms are common to many threads. Thanks
  6. A buisness card holder or cles. I have a black cosmetic pouch which I love!
  7. Get a Cles!
  8. The speedy and alma are supposed to stay. Go to the clubhouse and the reference forums, it's been discussed for the last few months.
  9. The black business card holder is already gone from US site.. I guess I missed the boat on that one if stores by me don't have it.. I don't want anything shipped to me. Fedex just put me and my boyfriend thru hell and back with an LV wallet and cles we ordered. They kept claiming they had delivered the package and even claimed I had signed for it. Box turned up a week later, of course, still in their possession.
  10. I have the white MC Milla it to pieces❤️
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Business card holder, since you already have a cles. I have 4 key holder, business card holder (which can substitute as small wallet), sarah wallet and cles (which I haven't found a use for yet). I think the zippy coin would be very useful, especially since you don't have a small wallet.
  13. I have cosmetic in white and I really love it.

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  14. I have 2 cles and loveeee using them! they're so versatile and such a great pop of color!
  15. Thanks for your help everyone :smile: I decided to go with the 4 Key Holder...she's so pretty!