Multicolour noe

  1. HI there

    anybody outside has the large multicolour, monogram or damier azur noe? with pictures please?

  2. Sorry, large MC Noe? Thought it relased one size only? :confused1:
  3. Don't think they exist.
  4. for the multicolour, only one size. for the monogram there are 3 sizes. but i would like to see the size difference between the multicolour noe and the large monogram noe
  5. Sorry. I'm at work so no pics. You can get dimensions on eLux. I have a black MC noe and my best friend has the mono noe (regular, not petit). The MC is smaller but not as small as the mono petit noe. It also has an interior pocket and two exterior pockets which you don't get with the mono. BTW, my best friend is totally eyeing that MC noe and has dropped multiple hints that she'd like it if, y'know, I get tired of it. For some reason, it's not popular but I like it and that's what counts. Hope this helps.
  6. Hi restricter, thanks
    Yeah, i read the dimensions also but with pictures then i can see the difference better.. =)
    i ll wait for your pictures yeah, thanks.
  7. Here are my petite noes. They only make petite noe in the multicolore line.
    MC petite noe 4.jpg MC petite noe 3.jpg Petite noe coll.jpg
  8. I love the petite MC noe - it has to be one of the prettiest and cutest bags ever made!!!!
  9. Thanks donnydp ;)
    they are really nice..
    the MC petit noe are smaller than the monogram noe?
  10. The MC petite noe is smaller than the monogram noe -yes. Keep in mind, monogram noes comes in 3 sizes. The regular Noe (largest), the petite noe, and also the mini noe. The multicolore line only makes petite noes. The epi leather makes petite noes and regular noes. And the Damier Azur line makes the regualr Noes. Sounds confusing? If you check out the website, you could see the pics for reference. I'm petite, 5'2 the petite noe should do it for me. ;)
  11. I know this thread is from last year, but I will be getting my MC Petite Noe soon and I can't wait to put pictures up! I think it's such a gorgeous bag!
  12. MC noe is cute!!!
  13. Congratulations! They are wonderful. Did you get black or white?

  14. I am getting the white. Yay!:love:
  15. Congratulations, narico, I want one myself!:yes: