Multicolored Speedy ???

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  1. Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum so my question might have been asked before. Sorry for any repeating. I have a white mc speedy, and a black mc speedy that I purchased during the height of mc a few years back. I haven't seen any mc's out and about lately, but I don't live in a big fashion capital. Do you think that the mc's are completely out, or could I still get away with using these?

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  2. It's easy to tell what timeline these pieces are from but they're still popular. What really matters though is whether you still love them or not - if so then that's all that counts!
  3. A lot of people think Monogram is completely tacky and classless (which I completely disagree). Some, myself for once, think Chanel is overdone (while a lot loves Chanel to death). It really depends on personal taste. You paid good money for them. If they make you happy, wear them with confidence. I think Multicolore is great. The next person might not, but in the end you're the one who will wear it, so whatever floats your boat girl!
  4. I still love MC items and they still seem to be very popular on reseller sites..MC items sell quickly. I agree, if you like the bags that is all that someone who used to have the white and black MC speedy and sold them because I thought they were dated, I really regret it and miss the bags a lot! They are hard to find and harder to find in like new condition.
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  5. I just ordered a Multicolore Alma for my little sister and got myself a zippy, both in noir. Mind you, I'm a guy but I love the look and think it's fun!
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  6. I agree, if you love the MC print then you should definitely wear it! I think it is a fun pop of colour.
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  7. It's the way you match it and rock it
    Monogram are forever timeless
  8. I bought the black 4 years ago, loved it to look at but never carried it, l sold it about a month ago. I miss it , but just to look at and know that it is still tucked away in my closet. I'm glad l guess that l sold it in a way, but it was too much money to have tied up in my closet just to 'look at'
  9. Wear what makes ur heart sing. A lot of people I know don't like mono but i don't care- I wear it, even discontinued models as long as they are not raggedy looking. I personally love the mc black slg's and still would buy one today if I could. Out of all the collabs, I like this one the best!
  10. If you love it use it! I have the noir mc trouville and I love taking it out, the MC bags are so much fun to carry.
  11. Make your own style, carry it if you like it. I see MC bags in the wild and it always looks nice to me, some people may not like it but who cares? I wouldn't :shrugs:
  12. Wow, 2 speedies MC, how lucky! Personally I enjoy MC. I have a black Speedy and a white/gold trim Marilyn. I wear them occasionally and always enjoy when I do, while getting lots of compliments. In a way, I am beyond on what is supposedly to be "In or Out". As long as you wear your speedies with the right outfit or the appropriate occasion, they are great bags. There is so much garbage worn out there under the auspices of "In-latest trend fashion" which clouds our judgement. Who cares about what other people like or not. So, as long as you enjoy them, please do wear them. You can always sell them when something else you prefer better will come along.
  13. Thanks everybody for your help. Think I'll definitely be using my colorful beauties soon! :smile:

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  14. I love the MC blanc Speedy, but since I don't love Speedy bags I don't own one. I wish I could love the Speedy so that I could get one, I have always loved the look of that bag!!!!
  15. I am using my white mc speedy this past week and it just makes me happy. Love the color (and I mostly wear all black) and it is a nice break from mono or damier. Wear what you love and what makes you feel good and I guarantee that others will be turning heads in your direction.