Multicolore Speedy


White or Black MC Speedy?

  1. White MC speedy

  2. Black MC speedy

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  1. Don't mind me! since it seems like the MC speedy is pretty much on everyone's must-have list... was just wondering... if you were to choose your first MC speedy, would it be the White or the Black... ? :love:

    oh and opinions of WHY you chose one over the other would be nice too!
  2. I would go for the white because I don't like the black MCs.
  3. I'd go for white just because I think it looks so much prettier and fresher.

  4. Since I wear alot of black, I chose the MC Black Speedy. Plus, I'm really klutzy and rough with my bags, so I figured the stains won't show on the black so much.
    (15) Louis Vuitton Multicolor Speedy 30 - 1670.JPG
  5. i like white MC better for everything. the colors look so much more crisp and fresh against the white than the black. much prettier imho.
  6. i'd choose the black because i wear a lot of black too. plus the white is much more popular, so you won't see so many people carrying the black one. also, i have yet to see a fake black one, they are usually white. the new MC priscilla looks awesome in black, too.
  7. I would choose a black MC too for I wear a lot of black.
  8. Ooooh, tough one. Well, if I had to choose it would be the white MC, just because its prettier, fresher, and girlier (ironically I am none of those things - maybe its wishful thinking?). But if I had the funds I'd get them both! :lol:
  9. I have white but wouldnt mind black for the winter months. But I also have a black Mc alma.
  10. i prefer the white because the colours just look a lot more vibrant.. but i already have some White MC pieces so i would prob get the black for that reason
  11. I noticed that you are from Vancouver - go for black. In our Canadian climate you will use it more often. I think with white you will be limited to summers only (in Canada). I use mine (I own black MC speedy) all year round.
  12. For my first, I would get the white. I also think it's prettier.
  13. I would get the white!! It's so pretty.
  14. The white is prettier for me!
  15. I love the white, it just seems really girly and fresh looking, although I bet in the long run it would be harder to keep clean.