Multicolore Speedy or EPI Passy

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  1. Hi,
    I am thinking about getting a Multicolore Speedy in white but am having some doubts. Does anyone know if the Multicolore speedy sag like the Monogram speedy? Is the handle also pretty small, meaning is it hard to hold? i am debating between that and the new EPI Passy in red. thoughts?

  2. Yes, the Multicolore Speedy may sag, but that can be avoided by placing a shoe box lid or some cardboard at the bottom :smile:
  3. I personally prefer the red epi passy, but it seems to me that your first love was the MC speedy, so I'd get that! Just like elle said, you can always use a magazine or cardboard.
  4. I love the Epi Passy! :love: Such a gorgeous, classy bag. I think it will get much more "bag mileage" than the MC Speedy :yes:
  5. If you put more than a wallet and keys in the MC speedy, it won't sag.;)
  6. I agree with Cristina, the Epi Passy is such a classy piece. You should defitinitely get that.
  7. I think the new Epi Passy is beautiful and will fast become a classic, but the MC is "fun"
    So it depends what kind of look you're going for.
  8. i love the passy. the only thing that bothers me is that it doesn't have a zip top closure.
  9. I agree, the Epi Passy is a gorgeous bag. I :love: it.
  10. I don't know that much about LV so had to look up the Epi Passy. That is a great bag! I would get that one.
  11. I don't think the handles on the MC speedy are too small. I think they fit quite comfortably. As for the "sag", I don't think the MC speedy has a noticeable sag because the four brass corners are very good reinforcements - thus I think the bag maintains its shape quite well, even when I only have a few items in it.

    As for which bag to choose, either one is just as nice.
  12. 00o, i just quickly looked on eLux as i have no idea what the EPI Passy looks like.... 0o0o00o, i like it!!!

    i'd have to say the EPI Passy for sure!!! its quite classy!
  13. It all depends on your needs. Both are great bags. The multicolore is more fun, wild and whimsical, while the epi is more of a serious, sleek, sophisticated working girl bag. Why not get both? :smile:
  14. thanks everyone for your input. i went back to the LV store today and did a comparison between the two again. i think i might just go for the MC speedy because it is a '"fun" bag. the EPI is very classy indeed. that might be my next bag. :smile: i was just about to pay for the MC speedy when they told me that they only have the model bag in stock. no way was i going to pay 1700+ for a model bag, so i opted to wait until their next shipment. *sigh*

    however, there is another thread that talks about the color rubbing off that is causing me concern i am a bit confused although i probably will get the bag anyway.

    thanks everyone!
  15. Bought my mom the white mc speedy and its divine!!!