Multicolore speedy 30

  1. i just recently purchased a mc speedy 30 from eluxury and absolutely love the bag, but i'm so over protected of it b/c of the brass metals. i'm so afraid of getting scratches on them, but it seems like that's hard to avoid. people who own a mc speedy 30, how do you avoid scratches or remove them? does it lower the value of the bag? also, am i too anal about not getting scratches?
  2. LOL! I have the same bag, and I know what you mean. Do you have white or black?
    I think you should just plunge in and use it, don't worry about the brass, it eventually gets scratched no matter how careful you are.
    Enjoy your new baby!! Congrats!
  3. I have a MC Speedy 30 and I was like that also when I first got it. There isn't really any way to avoid the brass corners from being scratched. I have had mine for just about 3 years and I got many scratches on the corners, sad to say.

    I use a brass polisher called "Brasso". Just get a q-tip and rub the polisher gently on the corners. It doesn't take them completely away but it makes it less noticeable and more shiny.

    Enjoy your new beautiful bag! :flowers:
  4. I have it white, i think it's the most beautiful and eye catching lv handbag out there. thanks for the help
  5. Blue cover protective also stick on S-Lock on side of the bag. I didn't remove it untill it's not too sticky anymore and rub by itself. Oh congrats for your new MC Speedy :smile:
  6. The brass gets scratched, it's gonna happen. You will still love the bag however and no one will really notice. My MC speedy is 3 years old and is still very beautiful!(it's black)
    I use a double layered jewelry buffing cloth to keep the brass shining like new.
    Enjoy your new baby! It's one of the best LV bags out there!
  7. I've had mine since it first came out, and have enjoyed it without being overly protective. The brassware is fine, and it's inevitable that small scratches will surface anyway.
  8. How much was the price of MC speedy n30 when it first came out in 2003?
  9. wasn't it like $1,500??? Correct me if I'm wrong!
  10. Yep-my white one was $1500 a few years back and now they are around $1900-yikes!! Don't worry about the scratches-just enjoy your bag!!!
  11. Enjoy using your multicolore speedy with care and minor scratches will not alter the gorgeous bag in any way.
  12. congrats on your new speedy!! the MC is a very lovely bag....
  13. I agree.. the white MC speedy 30 is one of the most gorgeous LV bags out there!
  14. Congrats on your MC speedy!
  15. i have an mc trouville (has brass corners as well). i've had it for over 2 years and while there are scratches on the corners...its barely noticeable. you should enjoy your speedy! you've spent that much money on it, you shouldn't keep it in hiding! take it out and enjoy!!! :smile: