Multicolore Rita?

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  1. Does anyone have this bag? I'm considering it as I really love the shape but since I haven't seen it in person, I was a little apprehensive as to whether or not it's actual functional. Any positives or negatives on this bag would be great :p
  2. I have the white MC Rita --- great bag! Very functional especially with the shoulder strap and zippered top. The only negative to this bag is that when you use the shoulder strap, one of the handles sticks out at times. It doesn't bother me, but others have commented on this issue.

    If you are able to go to a boutique, try the bag on and see if this issue bothers you. If not, it's really a great-looking bag. I would take pics of it, but I am still in my pjs. LOL If you do a search, you can find comments and pics of this bag.
  3. I love this bag!!! Agree with pursenut about the shoulder strap and handle sticking out...still a great bag! It's big, but not too overwhelming.
  4. I do not own the Rita but I think it is beautiful in either White MC or Black MC.

    I love the idea of how it can be a handheld bag and shoulder bag.

    Go for it! :tup:
  5. I would love to own this bag, I like the dual straps....seems like LV is finally getting the message that we need dual straps on our bags...
  6. ADORE this bag, soooo hot! Don't have it and can't get but if I were U, I would!
  7. Hello everyone! This is my first post here!
    I adore anything LV and naturally I have fallen in love with Rita:heart::heart:The thing is that I would really prefer it in the classic monogram instead of the multicolore one! Does any of you know if LV plans to offer this bag in the Toile Monogram or even Damier?

    Thanks in advance!
  8. Anyone?;) Will LV let me know if I email them or do they usually refuse to disclose such information?
  9. 2 days ago i bought the white rita and speedy balck multi color. I dore the white rita it is like a pearl
  10. I love this bag, the shape is tdf
  11. Hi.. I am really thinking of buying RITA. is it really worth buying looking at the functionality and price? Please help. Some of my friends said it looks little bit "aunty-ish". does it catter for the old ones? By the way, I am 31. I personally think RITA is beautiful and so so feminine? What you guys out there think???
  12. I love mine. Have both black and white. I'm 28 and think it's the best MC bag they ever made.
  13. I have the white rita and I like it a lot. Good thing about it is that you can always remove the shoulder strap if you want to.
  14. I love the bag too, but it is large. Don't be fooled by pics, go to the store and check it out!

  15. Dear Dell,
    Is Rita really really big? I mean, I m petite.. 5'1. so will i be drowned in this bag? Or should I take Marilyn instead?:wlae: