Multicolore Questions

  1. Okay guys, I love the Multicolore line especially the white. But I have a question:

    Do you carry your white year round or just in the spring and summer months?

    I like the black too but I LOVE the white.

  2. I have the white multicolore pochette and black multicolore key cles.. I use the cles year round.. and the pochette I tend to carry more in Spring/Summer, but I bring it out in the fall/winter too every now and then!

    I say, if you love it, carry it whenever u want! :yes:
  3. I *tend* to use both colors all year just because in California, it's pretty much summer all year round. However, I do notice I kind of carry the black in the fall/winter and white in the spring/summer.
  4. I think the white multicolor is perfect all year long.
  5. I use the white only in Spring/Summer and the black year round.
  6. I am old school. I only use my white multi (or any white bag) from May until early Sept.

    But, I am in the Mid-Atlantic region. If I were in CA or FL it would be different. I would use it more.
  7. i have the white Trouville, and i carry it regardless of seasons. i think if a bag looks good on you or with what you wear, :censor: the seasons :lol:
  8. I much prefer the white and I think it works year round. The black just makes me think of a lite-brite toy.

  9. See, I live on East Coast with distinct seasons. Everyone says you can't bring out the white certain times of year. I want a MC so bad!!! I like to turn heads so I am going to get it and let it experience every season with me. I can only imagine the head turns in the dead of winter with any white MC. Now I just gotta decide which one I want!!

    LMAO at the Lite Brite
  10. If I had to pick any white MC bag I would choose the Trouville. It's so pretty, and lighter in weight than the Speedy.
  11. I only have the white MC and I use it all year long.
  12. I have the white mc trouville and I would only wear it in the spring and summer months. I live in the North East and in winter I usually wear a mono bag. I guess I'm still of that "no white in winter" thing, got that from my mom and haven't been able to shake it!!
  13. Up until this, I always thought that I would get black over white!
  14. I use my white keepall all year, same as my black eye love. My white wapity is a new addition, and will be used year round.
  15. I carry my white MC in the summer only:yes: and the black ones year round.
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