Multicolore Question

  1. i've been looking at a couple of MC pochettes
    and the LVs are all different colours

    so my question is:

    is there a fixed colour scheme for the pochettes?
    or can they be any colour?

    i'm just trying to suss out the real and the fake
    as i was told that the LV letters in the MC are never red ..

    so i was wondering if there was a fixed colour scheme which the pochettes follow or any order in which the colours would be in since its cut from a piece of fabric?

    hope some very knowledgeable LV gurus can help me out here

  2. I compared the colour scheme with my MC lodge and they are the same so from that one picture I would say it's real but to be really sure I would need to see more pics. The LV is never red just the little crosses/flowers