Multicolore priscilla ...

  1. do you like multicolore priscilla??
    i think that is a beautiful bag:heart:
    and my mom is going to buy it
    but she want to see the colors (black or white)


    do you have a pricsilla ?
    please show me;)
  2. A very striking bag IMO. The structured look really works for Multicolour White. If I had to describe, in one word, the many Priscilla's I've seen being carried (And I'vce seen a LOT, here in Sydney city) I'd say the bag is 'precious'. I think it has a perfect balance between canvas and vachetta. Thumbs up.
  3. I think it's a beautiful bag and it is on my wishlist. I want the black one!
  4. I love it! I really hated it when it first came out, but now I want one. This usually happens for me, don't know why! I want a white one!
  5. I love that bag - whichever color you pick it will look fab!
  6. i personally don't really like it...don't like the shape...and the straps coming down the front...just my humble opinion...
  7. I love the structure, I think it looks a tiny bit better in the black mc - but white is good too
  8. It's cute, but I like the speedy much better.
  9. i :heart: the white mc!
  10. Here's my priscilla, love the color and shape.:tup:
    I have bought two of them, because my friend ruined the first one, she overturn the soup on it a little bit. :crybaby:
    So I get another one.

    I think that's a great bag, however, I barely carried it, I am too afraid it will happen again.:sad: that was my nightmare.:crybaby:
    照片 483 (Medium) (2).jpg 照片 609 (Medium).jpg
  11. I love this bag and I think it is so beautiful in both Black & White MC.

    Check out the thread below as it may have some pictures of the Priscilla in both colors to help your mom decide which one she likes best. :tup:

    -----> The Beautiful Multicolor Club! <-----
  12. I have it in white and I absolutely love it love it! The black is good too but I think the white is more feminine and cute- its diffently a bag that attracks attention because ist so "loud" with all the colours.

    Every girl for her own - but I prefere the white. Ur mom has to go to the shop a try which one matches her the best:yes:
  13. I really luv that white Priscilla! I so want a bigger Multicolore bag once, but I think that will be the Speedy. Is that just me or is the Priscilla really small?
  14. kleintasje(2)priscilla.jpg
  15. i would love to have it in black.. its very spacious and has a good shape