multicolore pochette ?

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  1. This still comes in different color combos right? Like I want a pink LV somewhere on the bag. I'm most likely going to buy offline, do you think I will possibly get one with a pink LV on it or should I just purchase from the store, so I can see it in person? THANKS.

    LOL I hope this makes sense if not I'll try to explain it better.:heart:
  2. Funny you should ask, I bought my MC Pochette from Elux and got on both sides! You take a chance when you order offline but the tax savings is worth it to me!
  3. You can try to ask the SA's if they can take out 3 MC pochettes for you to look at. It seems the ladies here who wanted the Vernis pochette/pti wallets but with deeper embossing actually asked their SA's to see 3 of them. If you're lucky you can get the one you want. Ah, randomness... I love it.

    I think, I don't know, you can try to ask the SA helping you if she/he can find one with the pink LV logo on it. It depends though. Good luck!
  4. ^^I agree with the two posts above.
  5. definitely ask to see all the possible combinations that are in the store. i did this with my MC pochette and MC wallet. they shouldn't make a fuss about it since there are different combos of colors.