Multicolore pochette porte monnaie NM

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  1. is that discontinued?! I see it on elux but not on

    also I guess it's also called the "wallet with zip pocket" as per elux or pochette wallet as per, I see that mini lin and groom has 10 CC slots and MC/Damier has 6 slots..will they be making them in 10 CC slots or leave it at 6 CC? wallet hunt continues....
  2. ok..not which one would everybody get:

    the LE 10CC Groom

    or white murakami 6 CC

    keeping in mind I'm planning to buy a white MC wapity and have nothing from the Groom collection...

    oh are taken from
    p10951547_ph_hero.jpg p10951547_ph_detail_02.jpg p11311840_ph_hero.jpg p11311840_ph_detail_01.jpg
  3. I love this wallet bc there is no vachetta on the outside to get dirty. I looooooooove the white MC one!!
  4. i don't think it's discontinued cuz it just came out not even a year and it's a great wallet :smile: