Multicolore Pochette MM

  1. Hey all TPFer,

    im thinking of buying my first "accessorie" to hang out with my Speedy 30 .. What can be fitted in it? HP + Keys + Camera perhaps? Can i use it as a clutch? Im loving the MC Range soo much now.. MC RocKS!! TIA!!!.. God Bless!!..
  2. I would say a thin cell (at most) maybe a Samsung u600 or Razor would fit... As well as keys and cards~!!! I love it~!
  3. Probably won't fit a camera...maybe a super slim one like an Elph?
  4. I was thinking for the price tag i'd like it to fit lots.. *Sheepish smile*
  5. If you want a camera bag, go for the wapity case!
  6. Aughhhhhhhhh I LOVE the Pouchette MM! Definitely get it. You might find it too small for a clutch, but the GM version would be better for that. The GM doesn't have a key clip though, whereas this one might be better for smaller items in your bag, you could clip it onto the D-ring inside or a handle outside your bag. The Wapity would make a better clutch, too. OR you could get the strap that's attached to the Wapity - it's called the Dragonne, you can buy them seperately - and clip that to the D-ring inside the pouchette for clutch mode. I bought a Dragonne seperately to attach to my Tikal Pochette, and it's brilliant to use as a clutch now.
  7. i think you shld get the GM ??? since you want it for HP + Keys + Camera etc...
  8. It's slim, so you have to be careful or when you zip it, it bulges and looks ugly.
  9. I saw it IRL, personally don't think it's too fuctional... so I ended up buying the wapity case.
  10. I agree with Yun Ah - I really like the Pochette MM. I've had the Wapity twice and have sold it or returned it. I liked the look of the Pochette MM. I can fit my KRZR cell phone and cards and $ inside.
  11. I would get it- but only if I was going to put keys and change inside. ;)
  12. Don't think a camera would fit in... But it's so pretty! :p