Multicolore Pochette MM vs. Wapity

  1. Who has the multicolore pochette MM? Would you mind posting pics? How spacious is it? Does anyone have both the pochette mm and the wapity who can give a capacity comparison? I love my mono wapity so much that I decided to get it in multicolore, but then I saw the pochette mm and wondered if it was comparable in size/capacity. Thanks.
  2. MC Pochette MM is just 6" long x 4" high similar to a 6"x4" pic and just as flat. I'm not knocking it because I would like one to hold certain delicate items. The MC Pochette GM is as large as a 8x11 piece of paper. Wapity is square and has more capacity. What are you looking to carry?
  3. Michelle has the GM, you might search for that.... I think it's super cute, I almost got it, but it's really thin. I would go for wapity.
  4. The GM isn't that big:confused1:
  5. OK, just checked....the gm is 8 x 6
  6. I was looking to carry what I hold in my mono wapity: money, 3 cards, keys, and my (really thin) cell phone.

    I tried searching "pochette mm" but the forum eliminate words and phrases that are three letters and under, so I just got matches for "pochette", which was a ton of stuff I wasn't looking for. :sad:
  7. ^Sorry Twinkle.Tink... I got carried away:shame:
  8. bchleo, I couldn't find the pics either. Michelle had the large one and another PFer had the smaller one. You won't be able put all the things you had in your Wapity in the smaller MC Pochette.
  9. I like the wapity!
  10. the pochette mm is more for in the bag type accesorie IMO! the wapity can be used as a wallet, a camera case, an ipod holder, a wristlet or a makeup case in a bigger bag.
  11. I had both. Sold my white mc wapity because I got a lot of use out of it and the colors were starting to rub off. Wapity definitly holds more since it's square like pinki said. I'm using my black mc pochette mm now as a wallet to hold cards, cash, and coins because my other wallet got too bulky. I tried the cles but too small so pochette mm is a little bigger than that. I can also fit my phone in it if I take out some cards.

    Here's some pics, sorry not great quality from my phone cam since I'm at work lol. There's about 15 cards and some cash.
    133682672_435267044_0.jpeg 133682938_435267956_0.jpeg
  12. the wapity would probably be better. i like it because it has more volume.

  13. The MC pochette looks very cute, but I like that the Wapity has a strap. I think the strap is more useful plus it's fun to swing the Wapity around!! (Just don't drop it!)
  14. ^yeah I use to use the wapity when I had to do errands or went out to the club or something and just carry it on my wrist. I love the size, but not the mc I might get another in mono. The mc pochette I just carry like a clutch if I'm just gonna do an errand. I have my sophie now to use to the clubs :graucho:

    bchleo if you want to put keys, cash, cards, phone I guess you should get the wapity.
  15. Thanks all, for your responses.

    Thanks xoAKIxo, for taking the time to your pics! I guess I will be getting the MC wapity after all, since it better suits my needs.