Multicolore Pochette MM - A New Home for...

  1. What do you think about the Multicolore Pochette MM? Do you think it would make a great new home for my cell phone? (By the way, my phone is the gold D&G Razr) I'm debating between this and the MC Monogram Multiclés Rabat . I love the beauty of this little bag, but I also like the simplicity of the Rabat. But then again, the Pochette MM has two compartments, but I will most likely only use one.
    Please help me decide! :shame:

  2. Really cute and definitely fit your Razr
  3. i think the MC black Pochette MM is darling! :love:
  4. i really like it! i want the GM in white, though
  5. Yup your phone will definitely fit. I had a black mc pochette mm which I used for cash and cards, also put my razr inside when I went on errands. The front pocket can't really hold much, I use to put coins in it.
  6. That is a great use for it!
  7. so cute, perfect for razr phone, digial camera
  8. It is very cute.
  9. I really like it!
  10. It's so cute! I haven't seen it before- I feel behind on my LV accessories!
  11. love it! great idea!
  12. Ahhh, I want one of these too! :drool:
    I think it is too cute .... especially in the Black MC. :love:
  13. I'm not sure the rabat will fit your phone as well as the pochette mm will, I vote for the pochette!!
  14. did you get rid of it..."had"...I am thinking of getting one so I want the pros and cons
  15. i am SO jealous of you! you have the D&G razr!
    ive wanted that phone foreeeeever!
    yes it will hold that stuff!