Multicolore Pieces... Black Trouville or White Audra?

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  1. I am trying to pick up where I left 10 years ago. I really really love the MC line and would like to acquire a few pieces even though they’re not so popular nowadays..

    Please help me to decide which one should I get first?

    A White Audra in very good condition (let’s say, mint to pristine) or a Brand New Black Trouville that is double the price of Audra?

    My mind is saying Audra since it’s cheaper but the Trouville is harder to find especially in black and brand new...
  2. That is tough! I love the Audra! I never see it!

    I thought about grabbing one in white but I know that canvas will yellow over time and I’m never going to be able to keep it clean!

    My first LV was the Noir Trouville which I still have. That poor bag. She has been in blizzards, hurricanes, negative temperatures in a car, over 100 temp in a car, beer dumped on her and in the ocean.

    Her handles are so dark! Lol I still love that bag.

    Mine finally cracked up at the zipper but obviously I throw her everywhere!

    Overtime the screen printed colors will start to fade/chip but honestly it’s fine. Meant to be used!

    If you want a carefree bag that you don’t have to worry about, trouville.

    Audra is going to be high maintenance;)
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  3. I agree with you with the white canvas turning yellow over time. Is there any way to clean that? My MC White Speedy has tiny yellowish mark around the front pocket flap...
  4. I’m sorry but I do not know. I don’t own any of the white multicolor because I have dogs that are mostly over 100 pounds and I’m’s bad enough with DA I have to set them on a white towel everywhere so I don’t get those pieces dirty... #craycray
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  5. Get both!!!:biggrin: You can't go wrong
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  6. Yes! I am planning to do that lol but one has to go first.. that, I can’t decide..
  7. A little update... It turned out, I got the Trouville sooner than I was expecting... I have a Gucci GG Marmont Velvet in Pink and the size mini is not suitable for me. I traded it with the MC Trouville that I was eyeing at! Now, all I have to get is the white Audra! ^_^ Excited!
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  8. I’m so excited for you! I have been in love with mine since 2003 I think lol
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  9. Thanks! I can’t wait to take it out! It’s my very first black MC!
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  10. IMG_7011.JPG

    Tadaaa! The Patina is uneven because it was a brand new bag. It’s not drastic like in the photo though.
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  11. It’s beautiful...congrats!!
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  12. Congratulations love her

    Wait til I get mine out to show you
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  13. Love it. Great addition to any collection
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  14. Thanks ladies! Even though it’s small, I’m pretty sure I can use it a lot. [emoji173]️
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