Multicolore Pastilles? Or Fleurs Key Holder?


Which accessory for Damier Speedy 30?

  1. Pastilles Bracelet

  2. Fleurs Keychain

  3. I think you should go for something else entirely!

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  1. With free shipping on elux this week, I can't help but wonder...

    Which do you think would look better on the Damier Speedy 30 I have waiting for Fall? The Multicolore Pastilles Bracelet? Or the Fleurs Key Holder? The Fleurs is less expensive... is it limited? Am I more likely to miss out on it if I don't grab it now? Any opinion on which would be less delicate? I can't really be "babying" my bags too much.



    BTW, I have the amarante inclusion speedy keychain on my Azur Speedy 30 and it absolutely "makes" the look! I can't imagine carrying this bag without it. It would be like going out without mascara, :p!
  2. I went into LV yesterday to buy the Pastilles and walked out with the Fleurs. The fleurs is so adorable and the price is great. It looks so cute on my mono speedy.
  3. I am all over the fleurs. I just have to talk my hubby into them because I am supposed to be :banned:!!!
  4. On the Damier speedy 30, I like the mono (brown colored one) pastilles bracelet. Someone on here posted a pic and it looked to die for!
  5. I have both but at the moment I'm loving the Fleurs!!
  6. On plain damier, i think mono pastilles looks great, also jack and lucie.....but go with what YOU like !!
  7. I love the pastilles with it.
  8. I love the brown Pastilles but I have the Fleurs and love it also!!! Go for Fleurs!
  9. i like both but prefer the fleurs keychain much, much more.
  10. I have both and use them together as a keychain.
  11. i puffy heart the Pastilles!!!! sooooooooooo yummy! like dangly pieces of LV candy hehe
  12. The pastilles bracelet definitely! You can use it in so many ways you'll have more fun with it.:tup:
  13. I love the fleurs.
  14. I LOVE the fleurs. It's so versatile and looking at it just makes me happy.
  15. I love the fleurs!