Multicolore Pastilles Key Holder?

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  1. Does anyone own a Multicolore Pastilles Key Holder? Just curious if its worth the $300?? Your thoughts please?
  2. I like the long one much better
  3. I have the monogram pastilles key holder and worth it to me. I use it as a bag charm..
  4. ^^ can we see it on a bag please ?

  5. You puttin me to work girl....:p okay hang on a few...;)
  6. amamxr, I would love to see it on a bag. Can you post some pics??
  7. Here you go.. I just clipped it on the the bag that I am currently using rather than to have to pull one out of the closet... Hope this helps..:flowers:

  8. I have the bracelet parents had gotten it for me for Christmas. At first I wasn't too keen on it but now that I see it can be used on both the bags AND as a bracelet, it was a more economical choice than the keychain version.
  9. Here's the pic of the long version (awhile ago, Juan wanted to see it on my Miroir Speedy lol) both on a bag and as a bracelet:
  10. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    I like to see pics... looks so pretty!
  11. The Monogram colors. I kinda like the pastilles one Rebecca... very soft in the colors.:yes: Still need to take this puppy out she's never been out yet since I got her.

  12. I gave mine to my gf for christmas...
  13. Thanks! I LOVE the brown one on the's really pretty :heart:
  14. YES :yes: