Multicolore Pastilles Key Chain on Elux!

  1. Yay, just ordered mine!! :yahoo:
  2. I don't see it!
  3. If anyone wants a pastilles--I saw one the other night at the LV store in San Diego--the Fashion Valley location. Their number is 619.220.8565. I think shipping is $10 for ground delivery.

    I think I also saw one at the NM LV boutique in the same mall. The number there is 619.692.9100, just ask to be transferred to LV.

    Good luck!
  4. I ordered one off eluxury this morning. I guess they are gone right now, but will probably restock later?
  5. what's the price?
  6. $375
  7. *snickers* Karen kooper sold one last week for $465, maybe those silly bidders should have waited.
  8. Karen can't control how much other people are willing to pay to get something before it launches.
  9. Yeah, now that they're hitting the stores, the eBay prices should drop. But hey, if I could get $465 for it, I could be persuaded to part with it!
  10. I was commenting on the fact it was only a week before.
  11. [​IMG]
  12. me want candy !!loll
  13. I watched this auction and the bidding started at 1 cent so I think it's fair game.
  14. i love how they say can be clipped on most mono or damier bagswhen they show it on a vernis! ;)
  15. you are so right lol