Multicolore owners' complaints?

  1. Those of you who own the multicolore you have any complaints regarding your bags?
  2. NO! I have two mc bags and I love them!
  3. I don't, I love mine!!
  4. Not enough variety.
  5. No complaints, I just need to use them more often. I have to get over the feeling that I am going to get them dirty or stain the vachetta.
  6. Nope, love them!
  7. I wish I had MORE! I love the MC line-no complaints whatsoever! : )
  8. Michelle, you're the queen of MC....more ??? lol!
  9. Same here - I wish they offered more styles. And I wish the colors wouldn't fade or rub off.
  10. LOL. Ditto! :p
  11. I've always wanted the MC Keepall and the MC Hat Box, but I don't own any hats. LOL!
  12. Nope i love the ones I have :smile:
  13. The screenprint can fade/chip. But as long as you're gentle with your items, and not knocking them all over walls and doors when you carry them you should be okay.

    I think the earliest runs had problems with the red microfiber bleeding out onto the canvas. I don't know if any PF member personally had the problem though... i'm sure it was a defect that they caught early on and corrected, but you might want to keep it in mind if you are buying MC secondhand and not retail. Hope this helps!
  14. None. I have a white Eliza and a black Sologne. Both great!
  15. No! I have the Alma in black and the Lodge PM in white... love both, just have to use them more often :shame: But every time I do, they make me happy :wlae: