Multicolore or Damier Azur-your thoughts please.

  1. Hello everyone,
    Another question that I need all your wonderful advice on please.
    I am going to buy the mono speedy for my birthday soon and wanted another bag as well preferably a multicolore bag but as I am nearly *gulp* 40 (a young 40 LOL) I was wondering if maybe I was too old?????
    Soooooooo I was thinking maybe instead getting a Damier Azur speedy or tote as my summer bag, I like the lighter colors for summer/spring.
    What do you all think? All these decisions are giving me a headache lol!
    Also do you think I will need to order these bags or can I go into the store and buy straight away?
    Sorry if that is a dumb question but I haven't bought a LV before so I am not sure of the procedure.
    Thanks so much guys!!!!!!!!:flower:
  2.'re not too old! Go for the multicolor if you really love it.
    It's highly probable that the store will have those bags in need to order, I think.

    When is yor birthday? Happy early birthday! :flowers:
  3. Personally, I like both, but prefer Multicolore over the Azur. And I don't think you are too old for multicolore!
  4. Go for the multicolore!! I bought a white MC trouville and a few months later I bought a black MC petite noe. I love both colors. Are you looking for a shoulder bag or handheld?
  5. to me personally multicolor is good for all ages :smile:. i like multicolor alma and petit noe. azur is great too ... maybe u can get 3 bags instead :p
  6. I vote for multicolor.
  7. Im a HUGE Black MC Fan!! Get that.. 40 is not old. My mum is going 50 but she borrows my MC Speedy..
  8. I actually think I prefer the MC on a more "mature," yet still youthful, woman. I'm thirty and I feel too in-between for it. Also, I can't afford it right now.

    The Damier Azur is a really striking bag as well (I'm looking at it for spring/summer), but get what speaks to you.
  9. Multicolor!! I've seen a few older people carrying it and in my opinion it looks fine.
  10. mc...though i have yet to own one.
  11. Thanks everyone, I do appreciate all your replies, I'll let you know when I decide.My birthday is not till January so still have a bit of time.I am very excited though to be finally owning a LV, maybe two!:heart:
  12. MC gets my vote..........
  13. I vote for the MC! Happy 40th with a bang! Go for it :tup:
  14. I am not a huge fan of the azur. Get the multicolor! You are NEVER too old for that!
  15. MULTICOLORE! Sooo cute.