Multicolore mini print

  1. I had my heart set on a bag for my first LV purchase, and was going to jump on the Manhattan PM, but I just fell in love with the mini multicolore print on the small ring agenda and billets wallet.

    Is there a multicolore bag that was ever made in the mini print? I don't see anything like that on I know it seems silly but the wallet and agenda look soo good to me (I don't even know if I would use the agenda as I have a Blackberry!) but feel like a bag would be so much more useful.
    multicolore wallet.jpg multicolore agenda.jpg
  2. All the MC bags will have the "big" prints, only the accessories come in the mini prints:yes:
  3. Why can't some [I know a few exist] Monogram Canvas accessories come in Monogram Canvas Mini? :sad: I think my Monogram Canvas Etui Widescreen would look a hella lot better with Monogram Canvas Mini...
  4. I agree I have that same case and it would look much better with a smaller print. Also, I think the mono wapity would as well! It matchs all my mono tho so I love them!
  5. I agree..the mini print is adorable!
  6. wapity!
  7. yes wapity! its sooo cute!!!!
  8. I looove the mini multicolor print, so I think I will get the Pouch GM...its like $420!! Soooo cute!
  9. Agreed! I would love the mini prints on the bags too.
  10. mini print is so adorable and better looking too! :yes:
  11. so far there are only wallets, wapity and leather bracelets :smile:
  12. I really like the mini print too. I think it would be awsome on a bag; still colorful but not as screeching loud!