Multicolore mini pochette?

  1. Does LV sell mc mini pochette? also, if decide to buy the monogram pochette accessories, do you think they'll provide the accordian chain for free?
  2. Louis Vuitton does not sell a MC mini pochette, I wish they did:yes:. I think it depends on your SA if they would give you the Accordian chain for free.
  3. I don't think the SA would ever give the Accordeon chain for free. It's hard to get - most SAs will only sell it if you already own the Accordeon wallet, but I was able to purchase the chain for $30 from my regular SA who knew that I didn't own the wallet.

    I think the Accordeon chain has been sold anywhere from $20 USD to $60 USD to tPFers.
  4. ^^Some have called 866 and said theirs broke and they got them for free lol.

    Anyway I'd like an MC mini pochette as well, that would be cute.
  5. Thanks for everyone's help.