Multicolore Line..

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  1. I have searched for a thread that has the entire line named..but i came up with nothing. :sad: So could someone please tell me, when this line was first released, what bags were released? TIA
  2. I think it was launched in 2003...?
  3. Launched in 2003, bags released were:
    Speedy 30
    Mini HL
  4. thank you! I looked in the runway bags/LE, but surprisingly there wasn't anything for the MC line..:confused1:
  5. Lv released MC runway bags in:

    eye need you, eye miss you, eye love you, eye dare you and multicolore fringes.

    Actually regular Multicolore bags we able to find now ( Speedy, Alma & Keepall ) were limited edition when they released on 2003. They made it as a regular line on 2005.

    Multicolore Leonor and Gracie are limited edition ( I heard, please correct me if I'm wrong ;) ).
  6. What about the sologne ???
    With the Murakami museum do you think they'd produce more of the MC products like the sologne ???
    Does that mean that the MC limited editions would be produced again and sold in LV worldwide stores???
    I am currently targeting a MC Sologne.. What do you think ?