multicolore key pouch

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  1. [​IMG]
    I'm just wondering if credit cards would fit in this. I need to replace my Coach Mini Skinny and would like to upgrade to this. I don't really like using a wallet so these are convenient for me to just tuck my credit cards in and go. Thanks!
  2. I think it's the same size as a cles? It should be able to fit credit cards..
  3. I'm 99% it'll fit credit cards...
  4. yes it does.
  5. I will fit credit cards, money and I even stuff my lipgloss in there.:yes:
  6. IMO it's a little tight in this one. I have the white one (and the CB ones which are the same style) and don't feel comfortable putting cards in it like I am with my Mono, Charms, Groom and Denim ones. The vachetta edges cut down on the inside size quite a bit.
  7. I have the MG one an i fit my credit cards, money and sometimes my lipgloss, now I am not sure about the MC one even though they maybe the same size, I could be wrong.
  8. Yes, but it's a tight squeeze compared to the others.
  9. Yep, but it holds less than my monogram one
  10. Rebecca is TOTALLY right 100%. I do put cards in my suhali version of that cles, but the hook thing on the inside kinda gets in the way also, but it DOES work, its just very snug :smile:
  11. thanks everyone! i'm really considering picking one up though. :smile:
  12. Definitely fits cards and a little cash!
  13. yes i have the white MC and i can put my CC and debit and sme cash too :smile:
  14. Yes they do fit, but I like the pochette mm a little better. It is a tad larger then the cles and it is much cuter!
  15. I have both black and white of the cles size and love that they fit cards AND cash AND gum too. Small gum. But still.

    I do wish I'd gotten the other kind tho above but I bought mine before they made those.
    I carry white on one set of car keys and black on the other. I say go for it!