Multicolore keepall

  1. Hi, does anybody here knows if MC keepalls are discontinued? I want to buy one eventually, but I read somewhere that it is discontinued, can somebody confirm this? I've seen that they still sell it on elux tough, so I'm really confused. Thanks
  2. I am not aware of the fact that MC Keepalls are being discontinued. I hear that eLux won't sell MC line in the future but that doesn't mean that MC line itself is being discontinued (although, I WISH it would be!!).
  3. great, thanks! :smile: Then I can keep saving without having to stress it or borrow money from my parents.
  4. Why is elux going to stop selling the MC?
  5. No idea. There was a thread about this not too long ago.
  6. I was looking at a MC Keepall about 30 mins ago at the boutique..I want!
  7. They still make them, I have the black one in my showcase... best flippen thing I ever bought, the compliments never end! I can't wait to get the white one! my black one is lonely! lol
  8. why would you want the MC line to be discontinued?! i heart it so much but/and i haven't had the great opp (aka CASH) to buy MC. :sad:
  9. I actually heard the mc keepalls were being discontinued. Anyone know an SA that actually knows anything?
  10. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE it too! I have many MC pieces in my collection but I think if they were to discontinue the line, it will only make it more special! JMO.:flowers:
  11. well, if you search the word Multicolor, you'll find it :yes:
  12. Hm, now I'm nervous again. Does anyone have a LV in immediate proximity and is going there in the near future and will be able to ask for me? My nearest LV is in another country, so I have to plan my visits for a long time ahead, and it will therefore be hard to ask too. I'd be so grateful if somebody did it, if it's not too much of a burden, I mean. Thanks in advance.
  13. we have our SoCal TPF Meet & Greet today, so i'll be sure to ask, cuz i'm sure we'll be stopping into LV! :yes:
  14. Wow, thanks!!! And have fun at the SoCal meeting, I wish I could go too :biggrin:
  15. You can always call 866 VUITTON... Its on my speed dial lol :smile: