Multicolore Keepall 45-Discolored Pockets?

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  1. Hey all,
    It's my understanding that LV had a problem with the adhesive or somethng on the MC Keepall 45 that gave the front pockets a yellowish hue. I've heard from some people that LV was aware of this back then and was replacing them free of charge.Does anyone know if that's still true? My aunt just gave me her MC Keepall and I've noticed that yellowing.

    Also, does anyone know how much to get one of the vachetta trimmings (with the studs on them) replaced?There's a highlighter smudge on the bottom that's driving me absolutely batty.

    If anyone has any advice I'd love to hear it. I live 4.5 hours from the closest LV so it would be hard for me to pop in and out to get my bag looked at.Thanks everyone!
  2. I'm not sure about the vachetta trimmings, but the front pocket should cost about $170 USD to replace.
  3. The yellowing and or bleeding from the alcantara lining is a known defect with LV. However, even though it is a known defect, many SAs will play dumb and some are just not aware. I bought a MC pochette GM that I never used and put into my closet. A few months later, I took it out to use and noticed a horrible pink stain going all around the outside trim.

    I immediately took it to my LV boutique and they advised that they would have to send it out to repairs to have it "evaluated." I told them that I know that LV knows that this is a known defect and that I expected either a new one or credit for a new one. After keeping me waiting for more than 2 months for something that should have taken 2 weeks (at most) to evaluate, they decided to give me a new one. They never admitted that it was defective. They just said that because it was taking too long, it was unfair to keep me waiting so they gave me a new one. I think they knew what the problem was and didnt want to admit it.

    If you do a search about MC yellowing, you will come up with many threads. Most times, they will just replace the pocket for you. I've read nightmare stories about pockets being sewn on crooked and colors not matching, etc.

    I would definitely throw in there that you are a member of the purse forum and that you know that many other people had problems with their MC yellowing.

    Then you have to fight with them to give you credit for the bag since they dont make that anymore. I hope it all works out for you though. the key is to go in there armed with the info.
  4. You guys are a god send. How would I go abou fighting to get it repaired or just geting credit for it? I sure wouldn't mind giving it up for a new MC Courtney
  5. You not gonna get credit for it. The MOST they will do is reapir it.
  6. I was told that the discoloring on the pockets was from the glue that was used. It was only an issue with the white multicolor. I own the black keepall and it looks like day one in every way shape or form!

    I have never heard anything about pockets being sewn on wrong and for the colors not matching... correct me if I am wrong people but the multicolor canvas is not supposed to have ANY color next to the same exact color unless it is on the pocket becsuse the pocket itself if a totally different piece of canvas that is sewn on to the bag so it makes sense that it can very well end up being next to the same color. Know what I mean? Also on my keepall, the top flap of both pockets do not match the bottom half of the pocket and I absolutely LOVE IT!

    Here is a picture of my keepall

    Attached Files:

  7. I was just with a tpfer who took her aurelia (has the same front pocket issue) and they offered to fix it for free. Keep in mind she DID buy something that day, so who knows if they would have done it if she had not made a purchase...?

  8. What a beauty!!
  9. :goodpost: Couldn't have said it better myself!! Going in armed with the facts is the best way to make sure that you get the repair done for free, since it's a known defect... Good Luck!

  10. This happened to by keepall and replaced it with a new bag for me.
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    It depends how soon you catch the discoloration.

    They might fix the staining for free if you complain a lot but they'll drag their heels over it, especially if your bag is more than 2 years old. The yellow was a defect but the pink is not.

    The pink is from hot weather, the underside of the canvas is unprotected and moisture reacting with the glue causes the dye in the lining to run and color the glue and then the color from the glue gets transferred to the canvas and shows through as a pinkish color on the outside of the bag. The care booklet does say not to keep your bag in really hot place. It's not a defect per se and still happens with MC pieces even now.