multicolore jessica pumps !!

  1. pictures? anyone?
    i have so many dream items!!!
    these are my dream shoes, and i was soo close to getting them, but instead i got a multicolore mini sac HL. (i was 12 years old after all..) but now i want them. in yellow.

  2. Are you talking about these?


    Looks like KK had some but they're sold out :sad:

    I did see that she has them in the Ballerina's :idea:
  3. Jessica pumps? I never heard of those shoes. Or do you mean as seen on Jessica?
  4. I guess I might've mis-interpreted the question :confused1:

    Altho, s/he did write MC Jessica Pumps - I thought that's what was meant.

    If it' Jessica's MC pumps, then I have no clue :confused1: Is it in the celebs thread?
  5. ^^ Haha. I thought the shoes were named "Jessica".
  6. poufiasse. thank you so much for the pic. IM INLOVE!!! i am so depressed that karen sold them, beccause they were probably the last. i probably wont see any more ever again...
    shoes arent like bags, because they get much more used....once they are done, they are DONE!!
  7. Those were the right pumps. I see now.
  8. MC - Multicolore

    MC Jessica Pumps - they're actually called the Jessica Pumps though. ;)
    She has the Ballerina's but you're right, the Jessica's are TDF :love:
  9. I always thought those were the Esmeralda's (SP?) :Push:
  10. The Ballerina's? Now I'm confused Mich! :lol:
  11. Don't let me confuse you! I am not too keen on the shoes.
  12. YES!!! The MC Jessica Pumps are TO DIE FOR!! I never owned them, but I did have the MC Jessica Wedge Mules in Yellow...they're ADORABLE!!:heart:

  13. most definitely not my shoe right there. the first one was exactly right!!
  14. Those are soooo cute!!!:heart:
  15. I think the Ballerina's are pretty hot too, but I completely understand if you're into the Pumps because it reallly depends on what it would go with and the occassion.