Multicolore Items To Be Discontinued

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  1. Hi All! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news...I spoke with my SA this weekend and it seems the MC Trouville & the MC Noe are on the chopping block. Apparently LV is looking to "refresh/rejuvenate" the MC line & as part of that effort, these 2 babies are being discontinued.

    I asked about the Aurelia, too, since they've stopped producing this bag but she said so far no news on discontinuing it (right now there are only 5 left in the US and no news of when it will be re-stocked).

    I'll keep you all posted as more news comes in & of course I will be doing my own "recon" just to verify the information above.
  2. Really? The Noe? I love that bag; I may have to move it up on my wishlist!
    Definitely keep us posted!
  3. Yay...sorry to sound so happy but my trouville will then be more valuable in my collection heheh..I think they need to do so cos the MC line needs more variety ;)
  4. Well those are the only 2 MC bags that I have. I'm surprised that they are discontinuing those 2 and not some of the others like the sologne or the lodge.
  5. Interesting about the Noe since it's one of the fairly newer additions to the collection.
  6. I am surprised to say the least. Perhaps these two are not garnering enough buyers.
  7. The Trouville is my favorite handheld MC, too bad for ppl who want it and dont have it yet! Oh well, at least theyre making room for new blood (lol)!
  8. I think that is a super cute bag & was thinking of snapping up one just for that reason. But I know I would never use it, LOL.
  9. I think it's about time. None of the MC bags have hooked me. I'll be interested to see what they're thinking about producing now.
  10. I was suprised about these choices, too. IMO these 2 are so cute & chic looking. I really think there are other MC's that they can do without besides the Trouville & the Noe. LV can be so inexplicable...hoping they change their minds but (I go boutique hopping every couple of weeks and) I will keep asking & passing on info.
  11. I'm kind of excited. I want a MC bag but don't like anything from the current collection... can't wait to see what they'll come out with!
  12. Wow!! I also think there are other bags that are less popular and should go before the Trouville and Noe... weird! I thought I had it all planned-- that I'd get the Trouville in a few years, after I got a few shoulder bags (as I have a few speedies and need some better school bags)... but now I may have to change around my plans!

    I'm excited though to see what they come out with!
  13. They need more practical MC. I don't know but there aren't much shoulder-held-light-MC-bag. I love the line but most of them are heavy.
  14. I thought the trouville was pretty popular...oh well, I'm excited about making room for new mc bags!!

  15. As much as I like my cute trouville, truth is I hardly use I took it out last weekend and it is difficult to carry to a certain extent because of the short handles. I am so glad that they did not do away with the priscilla cos I am definitely getting a priscilla if they are going to take it off the list regardless of my self-impose ban. :smile: (YIKES WHAT AM I SAYING) I will be watching this thread carefully.