Multicolore insolite wallet

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  1. Hi
    I have just received my insolite in multicolore black
    But i noticed that one side of the wallet the thread at the side
    There is some pink thread together with the black thread
    Is this normal?

    And the date code is Ca0176, which means its made in 2016? Is that possible since they have been discontinuing it ?

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  2. More pic

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  3. Hello there... The stitching in this wallet is very off... And it shouldn't have the pink and black thread together...mine is not like this... And LV discontinued manufacturing this line I think last it couldn't have been made this year... Where did you get it? I am not an authenticator but am positive that this is fake...sorry
  4. I thought I read somewhere in this forum that there was some extra multicolore products being sold in stores. I've seen a couple other posters who said they snagged a multicolore cosmetic pouch within the last month or so.
  5. Hi, I may be wrong but from what I read, they discontinued the line July of 2015 but there may still be some available out there but they are not manufacturing it's possible to still be able to purchase one from the botique's stock but they have stopped manufacturing new ones since July of 2015.
  6. Multicolore was discontinued in the US but new pieces have continued to be made and sold in other countries and some pieces have popped up recently is US stores. I just bought a Sarah wallet in Paris a few weeks ago and it was made in 2016. Did you buy this at a boutique? If so, can you just return/exchange the wallet?
  7. Hi there
    The wallet was purchased in paris lv boutique (someone helped to buy it for me during her recent trip there)
    I was so excited to be able to get this MC piece but very disappointed with the quality I received :sad:
    Unfortunately i am not in paris
    It's difficult to return/ exchange
  8. You can exchange in your country with receipt for another item of equal or greater value.
  9. Hi there
    Yes it is very off
    I was hoping someone else might have this same issue so that i wont feel so terrible and just live with it
    But now im so unsure on what to do
    multicolore is sold out in my country
    So i got a personal shopper to get it for me during her recent trips to paris
    She purchased it from lv boutique in paris
  10. But i have the wallet hotstamped with my initial
    And the receipt is not under my name
    Is it still possible?
  11. I'm not certain about that. I would call your local store to check:
  12. Did your personal shopper paid in cash? If not, I think exchanging will be hard... :wondering
  13. According to the receipt she paid in cash & credit card
    she also purchased other stuff
    To be honest its not that obvious but only when i examine carefully, i can see the pink thread
  14. I thought of a crazy idea, maybe contact your personal shopper and inform you want to exchange. Have the person face time with the SA at your local store, if they need verification upon retuning/exchanging. :P
    I totally think you can be able to find another one before it all gone with 2016 models left over.
  15. #15 May 29, 2016
    Last edited: May 29, 2016
    The thread is possibly okay but sloppy. It's just some of the reverse side thread showing on top, and that happens when two colors of threads meet up sometimes. What's off is the date code-- it's impossible. Your personal shopper has some explaining to do.