Multicolore help! Which is a better combo??

  1. White Speedy & Black Trouville? or Black Speedy & White Trouville? I'm really torn between the 2. I'd like both pieces in white but don't feel a need for 2 similar bags in the same color. Which pieces do you think look better in what color?? Thanks! :shrugs:
  2. Definately a the white speedy(:heart: it in white) and get the Trouville in black.:yes:
  3. White speedy, black trouville
  4. I like the white Speedy and the black Trouville. I think the Speedy with all the gold hardware looks better in the white. :yes:

  5. I agree with the others...........white speedy, black trouville
  6. white speedy, black trouville
  7. White Speedy and Black Trouville. I rarely ever see the black Trouville.
  8. I like both in white but if I had to get one of each I'd get the trouville in white and speedy in black. I think the speedy looks almost equally as good in white or black but that the trouville looks signigficantly better in the white than the black... but thats just me.

  9. well, my original choice was black speedy (although i :heart: it in white) because i too thought the trouville looked nicer in white but now, i'm not so sure!! :sad:
  10. Although I like both pieces in white better... if i HAD to have one of each color I would get the black speedy and white trouville. I think the speedy looks almost equally as good in the black or white (though the white does look a bit better still) but the trouville... looks significantly better in white than black... but this is just my opinion. Everyone else seems to like the other combo better.
  11. Black Speedy, White Trouville. I just don't like the look of the speedy in white. The Trouville however, looks cute in white and black so get it in white and have a cute black speedy!
  12. I'll go against the norm here and say black speedy, white trouville!!! I think the Trouville looks best in white ;)
  13. White Speedy and black Trouville.
  14. I agree, I love the Trouville in MC Black. :love:
  15. Now I want to admire the MC Trouville again :drool: I know I want one of these MC Black Purses one day, whether it be a MC Black Alma, or MC Black Trouville or MC Black Petit Noe. And I love how the Speedy looks in MC White. I also like the Lodge purses in MC White. Very pretty purses.