Multicolore Griet, limited edition?

  1. Sorry if the answer is already out there somewhere but the search engine says temporarily disabled.

    Is the Louis Vuitton Multicolore Griet a limited edition? I can't seem to validate that. The sales lady on the phone says it is. Is there someplace on the Louis Vuitton website that I can find info like that? Thanks!
  2. i believe the MC griet is limited edition. there isn't anywhere on the vuitton website that tells you this. you sort of have to judge by what info the SAs give you, and whether or not it was on the runway.
  3. hmmm... I have the impression that it's not LE, or more like seasonal, cuz it came out together with the damier and mono ones which are all based on the Mirage Griet (<--which is LE for sure)
  4. In the lookbok for Fall Mono & Damier were labelled as seasonal but the MC was Limited Edition
  5. i believe it is, my sa said so too.
  6. oops my bad! thanks for the correction everyone