Multicolore Grace

  1. I have heard of this bag many times, does it exist???:confused1::confused1: they told me it's an LE bag...:confused1: anyone?
  2. you mean the Gracie? it's not limited, it was just discontinued. i was actually looking for this for a while too, but right now i don't know if i really need it yet

  3. wasn't it seasonal like the Theda's it was readily available in stores but it just wasn't out very long
  4. I think your right Label Addict, it was sorta seasonal. My sister has the white one, I first never liked it for some reason but I have came to my senses, its hot lol!
  5. Claire, this was also my understanding of the Gracie's availability. It was on store shelves, i.e. no wait list but its actual life span was fairly short. It is a hot bag though, I love it as I also love the Theda! Unfortunatlely I missed both the first time around.
  6. I was like Matt didn't like Gracie when I first saw it but saw one recently and I was like "wtf was I thinking!!! that is stunning"

    Why do we do these things to ourselves LOL, I missed Theda too but I was lucky enough to pick one up recently and I adore it
  7. The Gracie is stunning!

    I bet eBay has some good deals on it!
  8. thanks everyone, :smile: