Multicolore Fringe Scarf

  1. Most of us arent too impress with the new fringe bags because they look dreadful! I absolutely adore the shape of the Speedy, but the multicolor suade makes it look crazy busy.

    However, what do you girls think of the Multicolore Fringe Scarf;


    I havent had a chance to see it in real life, but from the picture off the France Vuitton site -I want one. :shocked: What do you think?
  2. It's kind of cute but is the fringe loose or is it just a pattern printed on the scarf? If it's actual fringe it might be heavy.
  3. this is one of those things I'm gonna need to see IRL. the photo just looks like LVs trying too hard to be fun.
  4. Lol I actually think that'd be really pretty to frame and hang up on a wall as a piece of art.
  5. I'm not a fan, sorry :yucky: :shame:
  6. I agree with you there Lvbabydoll, it's great to be hang on the wall as an art piece but not around my neck.
  7. Yeah I know lol. It'd be way too much to wear, IMO. It'd clash with my bags and I never want ANYthing to clash with my bags. They speak for themselves.
  8. Gypsies, Tramps, and Theives.............
  9. I agree with LVBABYDOLL it looks nice as art..I personally am not feeling the fringe line..its to flashy.. I think they should have made the bucket bag in multicolor
  10. i like all the limited pieces... in scarf/bandana form. like, denim bandana, and charms bandana, and globe bandana. i want all of the limited bandanas! that's the only way i got anything from the silver monogram & cerise line - the bandana! haha.
  11. Hmmm I agree with bagnshoofetish. I'll have to see it IRL to tell. V
  12. It's just printed on there. I think it's cute. I wear most my scarfs folded up in my hair anyway or tied on a bag. It's been my avatar for days now, I thought someone would mention it but no one ever did. :sad:
  13. I would ABSOLUTELY wear it as a head scarf!!! I think it would look HOT in the summer!:love:
  14. makes me dizzy...:huh:
  15. I think I just don't like the whole "fringe" thing.