Multicolore Eugenie Wallet on elux! finally!!!

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  1. Why does it have to be so expensive?
  2. yea, right?!!!:sweatdrop::nogood:
  3. I really like it but not the price. I could get a MONTY GM with that price tag...hmm...maybe I'll do that tomorrow.
  4. Wow!!! That is a stunning wallet... I love love love it!! I have been waiting for it to come out, but I think that is just too expensive. I could get a speedy (and then some), a few pouchettes, or almost a Palermo for that price! Too bad :sad: Maybe one day!
  5. I'm debating between this one and the bronze Amelia Mahina wallet. :thinking:

    I'm leaning towards the Mahina at this point because it's cheaper, it's leather, it's seasonal, and also no vachetta to worry about. :noworry:

    I have to see them IRL soon.
  6. Thanks for the info.:tup:
  7. LOVE this wallet.. but the price on it is frightening !!
  8. couldnt have said it better myself.:yes:
  9. Wow, it is *BEAUTIFUL* :drool: .... but that price is *CRAZY*. :wtf:
  10. wow, I'm looking forward to your pics :heart:
    I have the epi white btw.;)