multicolore cozy purse

  1. hi everybody i was wondering if any of you have purchased the multicolore cozy purse is it useful? it seems so small so I'm not sure if I should purchase it but its so cuuuttteee! Thanks. :smile:
  2. I dont have one but my friend does and she loves it.
  3. It's useful for when you don't need to carry much. I prefer to use it in a small bag and it holds a few cards & some cash.
  4. i don't have it but think its so cute.
  5. I saw that today while wallet browsing on elux and thought it was so cute. Probably too small for me but it's so cute.

    Maybe I'd better obssess over it - whoops, I mean look at it - again. :graucho:
  6. I just saw it this weekend and I think it's too small as an everyday wallet use.
  7. I've seen the MC Cozy in person as well.

    I wanted to purchase it just because it was way too cute to pass up.

    However, I ended up not getting it because I didn't know what I would use it for since I already have 2 LV wallets.
  8. mm..I have it and love it to pieces. I use it with my smaller bags (pochette, cozy..) and although I have the groom pochete wallet as my everyday bag, I like to use my cozy as my on-the-run wallet. It fits my license debit card coins and cash. and it's really handy when I'm going out cuz it fits on the side of my palm. It might not be an everday wallet where you fit 10 cc, receipts, cash etc. but it's a good substitute for a cles cuz there's no zipper to eat up your bills.
  9. Thanks everybody for your response, I did see it yesterday for the first time and it looked really cute, my sister bought the speedy 30 and was so confuse whether to get the monogram or damier canvas, but at the end she picked the monogram so that was cool finally :yahoo:she made her choice.
  10. I had one in mono. They're great for using with pochettes! Or if you just want to run out or go shopping and don't want a big wallet with you.
  11. I think it's the perfect small wallet! Cute and functional when you're on the go!
  12. It's like the mc version of this Damier Koala Change Purse, but of course with a different clasp. The dimensions are the same, so it's good to hear you all like the size - I'm thinking of getting one to go with my Damier Koala Agenda/wallet! Mind you though, that black mc one is SO cute... :push:


  13. Anyone has pictures of the interior of the cozy purse to share? Its so cute! ;)
  14. ^I can post some later when I'm off work! :smile: