multicolore care

  1. Hey fellow LV lovers,

    I just recieved my white multicolore trouville today. Just wanted to know what kind of care should be given before using the bag? I know I should spray the vachetta with a leather protector, which kind? Oh, and what about the white canvas...spray that tooo? Anything else I left out...please lemme know:smile:

    Thanks a million:yes:

    Multicolore....woo hoo!
  2. just be sure you don't rub your white mc against anything too much. mc tends to peel when it comes into contact with things too much (ie. my mc pochette has peeing in the corners). but with the trouville you won't have much problems since it has brass corners.

    also be careful with the vachetta and jeans. i had a very minor transfer on my trouville.
  3. *CONGRATS* on the beautiful brand new TROUVILLE Darlene!!!!!!!!! It's sooooooooooooooooooo beautiful!!!
  4. I would not do anything to it, no spraying, no babywipes, and no tanning.
    The book warns you about colour chipping off due to the silk screening process. So it's normal if some monogram prints rub off, although I don't have any probs with my stuff. Also avoid excess heat/sunlight.
  5. I sprayed my entire bag with SM but mine is black- I'm terrified of white, it would kill me if I ruined it.
    I'm not advocating your spraying a white bag at all!
    Enjoy your new purchase!
  6. I'm sorry I posted that- I just got frightened even thinking about white LV, sorry, hope I didn't scare you. ( Iamsuchadorksometimes.....)