Multicolore Candy Keychain by Karenkooper

  1. Dare I say it? Bleah... I don't like it at all.
  2. Can somebody tell us the retail on this? guys please!
  3. wait isn't this one different from the "mystery" candy keychain? this only has one ring clasp while the other had a ring and a latch on either end. :huh:
  4. yes it's completly different it's not the mystery charm bracelet (which is in fact a pochette extender:blink: thanks to manolo maven and lvbabydoll)

    karen had this one since may on her website but for more $, I think it was 400 dollars at the that time.

    :tender: I want the retail on this!
  5. that isnt the same one .. she had that one already.

    this is the one she just bought [​IMG]
  6. I heard it said was going to be $250:roflmfao:
  7. jadore, are you sure of that? who gave you the info?
  8. I think its nice, but I wouldn't use it :P
  9. Karen
  10. it says pastilles keychain now wtf? :blink: :huh:
  11. oh I think its cute .. but could not justify that kind of $$$ for a key chain
  12. It is cute, but expensive!
  13. Oops!! My mistake, the keychain isn't the same as the keychain in the "mystery is solved".
  14. Pastilles = Candy