Multicolore Black Trouville

  1. Ok, I'm having another LV dilemma. :nuts:I seem to love the Black Multicolore in almost every style. :heart:I am thinking about a black Trouville and wondered how much stuff will fit in there? If some of you have it and can let me know what will fit in there? I typically have either a PTI or the zippy organizer as my wallet, plus cell phone, small Vera cosmetics wristlet, small LV agenda, the little LV pen case, and assorted papers sometimes. Will it all fit into the Trouville? I already have a Speedy 30 (love it but it is heavy) and an Audra. Believe it or not, most of my junk will fit in the Audra! But I'm searching for something that is a little bigger than the Audra, yet classy. I like the brass fittings on the 30 and the Trouville has it. Suggestions? I'm 5'2 so some of the bags are just too big on me, I think. TIA.
  2. I think that it will fit just fine. I usually bring my small agenda that I use as a wallet, sunglass case, small cosmetic case, cell phone etc.. I have it in white and I think it is my prettiest bag that I have. I love black MC too and after the white trouville I bought a black MC petite noe which I love and my next purchase it going to be a black MC koala bracelet.
    If you are near an LV I would go try out different styles and see if you can fit it all your stuff in there. The handles are not as long as the speedy 30 and that does bother me just a little bit.
  3. My LV's have mostly come from eluxury or eBay because the nearest boutique is 3 hrs from home. When I'm in Chicago or Indy I spend a lot of time checking out the new stuff so I have a mental note of sizes and how they look on me. I have relied on fellow TPF'rs to help out when I didn't know what style to get. It's sometimes hard to sort through all the posts but I do read a lot and gain a lot of knowledge from everyone on here! :tup:I also check out the LV site and take down measurements and compare. I compared the Trouville to the Speedy in size. But it doesn't say mention about the handles so that is rather disappointing :sad:because I like the handles on the Speedy really well.