Multicolore Beverly MM & GM (pics)

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  1. OMG! They're both gorgeous! I want them both!
    Multicolore Beverly MM


    Multicolore Beverly GM
  2. I love them both too
  3. I like the Multicolore Beverly MM better, but the MM is a little small for me, perhaps a GM????
  4. I love the MM but haven't seen them IRL yet.
  5. Eluxury has both available right now!
  6. Is it release in white color, too?
  7. ^^ yes...available in white too ;)
  8. Oh i love them. (:
  9. Don't get mad but I don't like them.
  10. I like the mm best with the chains!
  11. OMG.. they are both UBER yummy!!!!!!! Love the style, I would love to see them in white.
    When I looked on Elux last night, I could only see them in black.
  12. i love the GM in white it pretttyyy
  13. They are both cute.
  14. LOVE the MM ! So cute, I'm not sure if I could handle the handles (ha) of the GM.
  15. very nice...