Multicolore bags

  1. Lol, I don't know why I impulsely bought a multicolore pochette when I wanted a speedy... Someone make me feel better lol.
  2. I impulsivly bought the mc pochette too. Then a few weeks later went ahead and got the trouville that I really wanted in the first place. I figure the pochette will be good for when I go out and don't want to carry a big bag. Also to take on vacation.
  3. You can never go wrong with a Pochette. Great as a cosmetic bag when you get your Speedy :graucho: and awesome as an evening bag! Do you plan to get the extender/bolt key holder to add some length to it?
  4. yes you can never go wrong with the pochette accessoire
  5. I know how you feel-always said my first purchase would be a speedy 30 but I got the denim Baggy GM; but now I am glad because I am IN LOVE with the Damier speedy so perhaps another one will come along you love more than the MC speedy!
  6. Yep, the pochette serves as 2 bags for me. Heehee! :amuse: I use mine inside my Wh. MC Speedy to hold all my little things: nail files, band aid, lotion, etc. that way they don't get lost inside my Speedy. Then it works for quick trips to the store, or to the movies. :graucho:

    I also have the pochette in mono to go inside my mono speedy...and just ordered it in damier pochette to go with my damier speedy...once I get it.:P

    (I like to have 1 accessorie <pochette> match my bag...the rest of my access.: wallet, etc. doesn't matter). I figure having the pochettes match gives me a extra lil bag!;) YAY!:love:
  7. You can still get the Speedy! Use the pochette as an accessories pouch within the speedy :smile:
  8. The pochette is a great bag.
    It's so versatile in that you can use it as a small going out bag and then an accessory to a bigger bag.
    I have a mono pochette and when I use my larger bags I attach it to the D ring and use it as a makeup case or just to throw things that I want easier access to.
  9. I know for sure that if I got the speedy, I won't use the pochette to hold anything inside. I don't really carry much stuff like lotion/nail stuff and etc. I guess it'll be fun to play with before I get the Speedy. I will probably have the pochette for a while cause of the price increase =(
  10. my cousin hangs her muliticolor pochette OUTSIDE of her luco tote, it looks so HIP!
  11. You can never go wrong with the Pochette or have Too Many of them. I have the Mono, Mono Cerises, and Epi. Also some other tPF members have more as a collection. Don't remember who and feeling lazy to search, heehee...
  12. The Pochette Is So Super Cute. I Can't Remember If I Bought It Before Or After The Speedy (A Couple Years Ago)....I Did Get The Pochette First!!!! I Think You Will Love It...Enjoy!
  13. I did the same thing & bought an MC Pochette on ebay for a good price too! I know I'll use it lots for going out, etc so it's money well spent. as everyone says, you can't go wrong with a pochette!
  14. you will love the pochette it is great.
  15. I love the MC pochette. I don't have one but the gold studs looks great. I saw it on a girl once. It's a great outside bag, I think, especially when you go out shopping (with cell phone, wallet and keys...chap stick and mint)

    Gold and shinny is in for this winter. With the everlasting MC monogram and the cute gold stud, the pochette rocks.

    Maybe I should get one too. Which color do you have? black MC or white MC?