Multicolore bags, yay or nay?


Dec 4, 2010
I've recently acquired two discontinued multicolored pieces (mini speedy noir and trouville blanc). For some reason I love the multicolore line...actually I think it's because I like attention grabbing bags, and something that looks different. What do you girls think about the multicolore bags? In previous posts I had some negative energy sent to me towards buying discontinued multicolore. So do a lot of people see multicolore as ugly? or lovely?


Apr 25, 2008
MC definitely draws attention and some people don't like that about it - I love the MC colors but prefer it in SLG's. If you love MC bags, carry them and enjoy them.


Jun 5, 2012
nay...however i have seen some slg's that were not too bad, but i would never get them, just not my cup of tea.


Nov 15, 2012
I am somewhat neutral about Multicolor. I did not like it for a very long time. I started seeing it everywhere when I was in high school and I felt that it looked "tacky" (sorry if anyone doesn't like that word!). It was also a highly replicated pattern and I just did not like it. However, now that I am a more avid LV lover I have come to appreciate the color in certain items. I am more partial to black MC than white. I like the black MC in the Zippy wallet and cles, as well as maybe a few other SLGs. I also saw a YouTube girl who got the Petit Noé in black MC and I have to say it looked really classy. However, I looked up the 2 pieces that you mentioned to make sure of what they look like and the one thing that makes the pieces seem dated to me is the abundance of vachetta, especially on the black piece. I feel that those 2 pieces specifically look dated, but perhaps a SLG or newer MC bag would feel more modern.


Jul 14, 2012
I say YAY! I love MC in both bags and slg's...I regret every day selling my white and black MC speedys.....I would buy them again now but they are twice as much so I keep an eye out for a good condition preloved one...I loved the trouville, sorry I did not get that bag. I do prefer the black MC over the white though.....I had problems with the pocket on my white speedy..


only once you live
Dec 11, 2005
I love the SLGs! I would love a Black MC Cosmetic bag and pochette cles (to match my Insolite :graucho:) TB(brutally)H I don't like the white MC nearly as much; but I also suspect 99% of it is that white would be too high maintenance for me.

I'm kind of debating; and really want a black MC Alma; I think the Courtney MM is also gorgeous. I like seeing MC bags in OOTD on other people; just not sure about me. But I'm not sure if I'm really crazy and if I'll truly get enough use out of it. I wear a lot of black so I'm not worried about matching but I just wonder if everyone'll think I look really dated...