Multicolore Audra: opinions?

  1. I used to have a white MC Alma but I sold it several months I'm starting to want another white MC bag. I have a mini HL, but only use it for going out at night. What are everyone's opinions on the Audra? If you have one, how do you like it? It has an open top, correct? Thanks :smile:
  2. i like the way the audra looks, but i'm not fond of open tops (had my wallet stolen on the subway from a flap bag so i figure an open top is just making it too easy :P) and the straps/handles are a little awkward feeling for me when i try to hold it for some reason......but i do love the way it looks :yes:
  3. It's adorable, but I think it's a more formal looking bag and it is an open top.
  4. how about the multicolor speedy 30? ^_^
  5. I don't have one, but the Audra tops my MC want list.
  6. I like the bag, I don't like the open top.
  7. I'm a fan of the Trouville. Similiar, but no open top....
  8. I love my Audra :love: It's such a classy bag!! Made for armcandy!
  9. Dont have one but would like it in the Black mc.
  10. Drools for the White MC Audra but as jc2239 mentioned, open tops are an easy target for pickpockets. :sad:
  11. I don't have it, but I really like it :biggrin:
    The chains on the handles are so cute :love:
  12. Looks adorable, but the open top AND middle flap inside kinda annoys me....Off topic: Hey, Chag! Is that a Theda PM in yer pic?!?! Can i ask how much is it retail? I've been trying to locate one in Canada, with no luck...:sad: thanks!
  13. Yes it is, I bought it from eluxury when they first had it and I can't remember how much I paid :blink:
  14. I love this bag:love:.... My boyfriend is going to France again next week and I'm thinking of buying it.

    The only thing that worries me is its size, it looks a bit to small???
    Does anyone have a pic of someone modeling it?
  15. I love this bag, and the fact not many people have it. I like it, but its like strickly a handheld bag to me, I think it would look akward on the crook.