Multicolore agenda under $200!!!

  1. wow..that's a steal..
  2. Ah I wish it was me that would win this - but alas, I am poor. ;)
  3. is that a AUTHENTIC??!??! seems dirt cheap! oh sorry....authenticated by sorry can't read
  4. too tiny for me.
  5. Still under $200.....:graucho: US only:crybaby: Really hope a PFer gets it:yes:
  6. 25 minutes left...good luck to whoever is bidding on it!
  7. stylefly is a member of PF!
  8. goodluck stylefly!!!
  9. :crybaby:Anyone see what stylefly sells?
  10. I thought you were talking about the pochette:nuts: Then I scroll down and:wtf: :crybaby:
  11. :sad:anything to make a buck I suppose
  12. at least she is not selling them as real...right?

    She actually has an online store too that sells some cute clothes. Not so keen on the Lush bags though.
  13. there's a difference?
  14. hmm, you do make a good point. I guess they are "official" knockoffs versus unofficial black market knockoffs.