Multicolor wearing off

  1. Hey,
    Has anybody ever had any trouble with the multicolor wearing off. I bought a petit noe and in less than a week later the colors were wearing off. The sa was kind enough to let me exchange it and LV told me the multicolor will do this, it is not made the same way as the mono and if you are hard on purses, this may not be the pattern for you.
    Anybody else experience this?
  2. I have heard of this happening a few times! Scary! What happens if I purchased it online and it is not on my record at the LV store that I purchsed this item? Would they still allow an exchange?
  3. They use a silk screen print on their MC and their other lines like the cerises, cherry blossom, panda, and the new groom line. The colors will wear off eventually depending on use, where/how you store it, and how rough you are with it. The care booklets with each of these lines tell you about the rubbing.
  4. Yeah, the purple LVs and symbols near the zipper on my Alma are chipping a tiny bit. It's not really a big deal because it's expected. I also have a little bit of rubbing on a couple of the cherries on my cerises speedy.
    It really doesn't bother me because it gives it character. Now if I'd bought it from someone else who didn't disclose the marks, THEN it'd be a big deal to me.
  5. Mines fine but that might be because I barely used it at all...
    Try to keep it in a not "TOO" DRY place?
  6. oh no, is this like a long term slow effect like colour start to wear off slowy? i only have the black MC agenda, i keep it in the pouch whenever i am done with writing my stuff, after i read about the MCs defects here.
  7. I have heard of this happening. It is scary and frustrating.
  8. Me too. :sad:

    I own 3 white MC pieces but I haven't used them that much yet, so I haven't had this problem so far. :wtf: But now I'm kinda frightened when I hear more and more about it, and I feel like I'd be too scared to purchase another MC bag again. :wtf:

    Please, could someone post pics of the bags where the coloured logos have been chipping and rubbing?

    Have you noticed if all the MC colour pigments are as fragile, or do certain colours rub off easier than others? Would it show less or more on a black MC bag, since I was thinking about getting a black MC next. :s
  9. Ive had it happen once to my White MC pochette. The red fleur on the corner of the bag started to wear off...It didnt bother me too much, but its still there.
  10. The silkscreened colors can tend to wear off. I think it is to be expected. My mom has a CB PTI and one of the cherry blossoms is wearing off in the area where my mom snaps the wallet closed.
  11. What made me the most angry was when the SA and LV both told me that this does happen. Its hard to believe it should happen within a week and it seems ridiculous for such an expensive bag. I have the mc wallet for a year and no problem but the noe did it within a week. Luckily they took it bag and I exchanged it for a mono noe which I love
  12. Yup! It's happened on my MC wapity after I used it for 2x days.:cursing:
  13. Oh lord! That´s not exceptable to me:s
  14. anyone has any pics on this MC defect? does it look really bad?
  15. So I have returned it to LV, but in HK LV, their policy will not refund, so I've my cash voucher on my hand now.