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Multicolor Wapity case


LV Lover:)
Feb 2, 2009
I have the Multicolor Speedy 30 in White and Black and just ordered the MC black zippy wallet to match both does anyone know of a MC cosmetic case to match? I have the Pochette Compact in Monogram and Damier and I love the size but I want something to match the MC wallet. How about the MC Wapity Case in black? Will that hold cosmetics and fit into a speedy? Thanks


Haters suck
Aug 31, 2008
I use my MC Wapity as a camera case. You can probably fit a lipstick, eyeshadow and blush in a Wapity. But it will not fit anything like eyeliner pencil or anything long. A MC Pochette would be a better choice. Yeah, I wish LV made a Cosmetic Case just like they did with the Monogram and Damier.