Multicolor Trouville

  1. What does everyone think about the multicolor trouville? I was thinking about getting one.
  2. Simply gorgeous...I love it in black...go for it without any second thoughts...
    good luck
  3. I love it. I originally wanted the Speedy in black but after trying it in store, it looked too big on me. The Trouville is the perfect size on me. Both colors are stunning in this bag.
  4. its one of my favorite LV bags. Its pretty in black ,but i lovee it in white (IMO)
  5. I think it's gorgeous... one of the prettiest bags made in the MC line.
  6. i have one in black and my only complaint is the zipper. its a little bit stiff so you need to almost open the bag like a clamshell so you don't get scratched. other than that, its a great bag. i hardly see MC trouvilles around here.
  7. I love it and think it looks great in both colours! Post pics if you get one!
  8. i have it in white and i :heart: it! it's one of my everyday bags..
  9. I have one in black, It's an eye candy. I always get tons of compliments:smile: BUT It is not the most comfortable bag. The handles are a bit too short it's a little uncomfortable carrying on the wrist, or in your hand all the time. The zipper is a little ruff, but it's only when new - with time it becomes softer and easier to work. I would say it fits as much or a little less then speedy 25. It's more of a decorative bag then a work horse if you know what I mean. Despite the bag's down sides I will never sell mine & can't wait for it to turn dark patina:smile:
  10. I love the Trouville, it's so beautiful! Especially in white.
  11. just got my neo cabby MM but not too happy. looks good on others but .... thinking of getting a denim mahina XL but have not seen one IRL. i'm afraid it might be too big for me. but it really looks good in the eluxury website. anyone with the mahina denim XL? do you like it?
  12. oohhh its gorgeous..definetly get it ..the white makes it pop!
  13. This is my favourite MC bag.. go for the white, it's my favourite !
  14. i just got this bag for my bday. it's definitely my favorite! i originally got the priscilla but i'm so glad i changed my mind!!! it's absolutely gorgeous. i thought the speedy was too heavy and the Priscilla had to much vachetta for my liking.

  15. I love it, its such a classy wonderful bag! :tup: