multicolor speedy / trouville

  1. hi i would like to know any guy own a mc speedy 30 or mc trouville ? i thought of gettin one cos i like the rainbow color which can brighten up my day:smile: so any guy can share your view here? thanks & appreciate it...:yes:
  2. i have the Trouville in white, and it's my favorite Multicolore bag ever. it's so pretty and feminine in white, and it's not as common or faked as the Speedy
  3. i have the black multicolore speedy and it is by far my most favorite lv bag. looking at it always makes me happy :smile:
  4. I couldn't pick between either so I got both.. a white Trouville and a Black Speedy. I love them both! However, I think I recommend the Speedy more just because I feel like it's easier to get in and out of.
  5. I think they are too femme for a guy to carry. I think you could get away with a mc wapity!
  6. lol... cos firstly i like the color and second i like the four corner with gold brass which make it look very nice:yes: yup got tok of gettin the wapity mc in white... but i sure like the mc speedy
  7. IMHO these two bags are slightly too feminine to be a guy's bag...
  8. I love them both, but I also think they're way to feminine for a guy to carry.
  9. I have the MC speedy in black and white, the trouville in white both are great bags. MC line is my favorite, love all the colors.
  10. Way too feminine for a guy.